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Many Bywater Residents Aren't Too Thrilled About the Proposed 'Poshtel'

People feel hostile toward this hostel

In January, news broke that developer Ted Kelso was planning to build a "poshtel"—a fancy hostel—on a swath of land on the Bywater riverfront owned by lawyer John Cummings (father of Sean Cummings and owner of a slavery museum).

It came up at the City Planning Commission this week and was ultimately deferred, but not before neighbors voiced their objections to the project.

Although the Bywater Neighborhood Association is OK with it, many neighbors—including Pete Breen, who owns The Joint nearby—are concerned that the "inconsiderate" project will "attract loud, drunk partygoers and become a nuisance to nearby residents and businesses."

The project's concept, which needs a conditional-use permit from the city, got approval from the Planning Commission staff, but they want the Historic District Landmarks Commission’s Architectural Review Committee to also weigh in.

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