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Associated Press Adds to National Outlets Taking on New Orleans' Short-Term Rental Debate

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"Wherever [tourists] want to stay, we let them"

The Associated Press has added to the national press New Orleans' short-term rental debate is getting with this piece, which hears from both pro- and anti-Airbnb-ers.

One source in the article says Airbnb-ing his home helps him pay his taxes, and another is fed up with the constant stream of bachelor parties at the Airbnb next door. One grocery store owner quoted bemoans a drop in business due to short-term neighbors.

But one source, a member of the pro-short-term rental Alliance for Neighborhood Prosperity, says we should just defer to tourists, the ones really in charge:

"The economics are very clear that we need to embrace tourists, and wherever they want to stay, we let them," said Christian Galvin, who rents out several properties nightly and serves on the Alliance for Neighborhood Prosperity, a pro-Airbnb group.

Big Easy Airbnbs mushroom, sparking debate over city's soul []