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Potential Contractors for the Confederate Monument Removal Job Have Some Concerns

One asked if he could work on the job before dawn

Last time we left this whole New Orleans Confederate monuments issue, a contentious City Council hearing resulted in the council voting in favor of removal. So the city removed the monuments and everyone eventually got over it.

Just kidding, that's definitely not what happened! Since the City Council vote, some contractors hired to work on the job received death threats and another found his Lamborghini suspiciously burned. Also, people unsuccessfully tried to file a lawsuit to block the removal, and a bill was filed in the Legislature that would require state approval before taking down similar monuments.

So understandably, the contractors who might be working on this job are a little scared about their safety. At a meeting this week, firms interested in the job expressed their concerns.

One contractor asked if he would be required to post a sign with the company's name at the job, and another asked if he would be allowed to work before dawn on the project to limit exposure.

The contractors at the meeting didn't provide their names during the discussion or to reporters afterwards, and one even said he drove by the monuments to scope the project out—but did so discretely so not to get caught lookin'.

The winning bidder will also be liable for any damage to the statues during the removal, so that's another thing to worry about.

Is anyone going to want to do this project?

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