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OPI, Land Rover Ads Feature Frolicking in New Orleans

The "moans of hurricanes" and the "color of New Orleans"

New ads from OPI and Land Rover feature frolicking through a whispery, Instagram-filtered New Orleans.

The first from the nail polish brand is for the long-rumored New Orleans collection, featuring punny names like "Show Us Your Tips!" Like a Terrence Malick film, the subject here whispers and wanders her way through the French Quarter, purring about the "moans of hurricanes" and carrying only a tiny little clutch.

In this Land Rover ad, two Instagram Influencers (artists Liza Voloshin and Cleo Wade, who is from New Orleans) use typewriters in City Park, lay on people's stoops, and color.

OPI May Be Debuting Punny, New Orleans-Themed Nail Polish [Curbed NOLA]