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Wendell Pierce and Troy Henry's Controversial Marigny Property Can Be Demolished, a Judge Rules

Sorry, neighbors.

After being sued by Marigny residents and neighborhood groups to try the block the demolition of a blighted building on St. Claude Avenue, a judge ruled in favor of owners Wendell Pierce and Troy Henry today: The building can be demolished.

This clears the way for the business partners to knock down the former auto parts store, merge with the neighboring Shell Station, and build an outpost of their Sterling Farms chain of convenience stores.

The judge dismissed pretty much all the opponents' claims: She ruled the structure has no historic value, and denied the structure would cause "irreparable harm" to neighbors if demolished.

To the claim that Pierce and Henry are not the lawful owners of the property (many have claimed that they bought the property at way under market value in a "sweetheart deal"), the judge couldn't consider a contested title during a hearing for a preliminary injunction.

Sorry, neighbors.

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