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The Second of That Pair of Neglected LGD Townhouses Hits the Market, Asks $1.599M

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The 1830s Creole townhouse got a big renovation

One of your favorite homes on the market in 2015 was an LGD townhouse that was beautifully restored after years of neglect. Now, the second of that pair of houses has hit the market.

The 1830s Creole townhouse also got a big renovation that kept some of the original details: the wood floors have been refinished, and there's a wrought iron balcony, two staircases, exposed brick and beams.

Within the 5,034 square feet of space, you'll find similarities to its sister home, although the first one has a bit more of a patina. But the fresher property has lots of exposed brick, plus a side balcony that overlooks a courtyard.

This townhouse is asking a little more than its sister did at first: $1,599,000. (The other townhouse asked $1,550,000, which is now down to $1,399,000 after a second price chop.)

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