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Because of State Film Tax Credits, 'The Passion' Will Probably Cost Louisiana Taxpayers up to $3M

It's estimated that $7.4 million spent on the production will qualify for credits

Maybe you ignored Tyler Perry's The Passion, filmed live in New Orleans this weekend, but you will probably end up paying for it indirectly because of the state's tax credit program.

Beautiful shot of the procession as it makes it's way through New Orleans! #ThePassionLive

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The costs of the production are still being tallied, which will determine how much in tax credits it will receive. However, Louisiana Economic Development officials estimate about $7.4 million spent on the show will qualify for the state’s film tax credit program.

The religious nature of the broadcast doesn't matter, since Louisiana places no content restrictions on productions (aside from pornography) as long as they meet the requirements outlined by the tax credit program.

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