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Pontchartrain Beach Update: Foundation Seeking Money to Move 17,000 Tons of Sand There

It could be open on a limited basis this summer

First, the bad news: While Pontchartrain Beach was originally planned to reopen this spring, that probably won't happen. But the good news is that the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation is working on it, provided it can raise the funds to transport a bunch of sand to the site.

The sand was originally planned to use for fracking purposes, and it turns out fracking sand is ideal for beaches. The foundation is hoping to raise $40,000 by April 30 to transport the sand from a site near the Industrial Canal to replenish areas and extend the shoreline at the beach.

Keeping expectations modest, the foundation says the beach might be open for a few weekends this summer. The sand project would be part of a $500,000 effort to rebuild amenities along the beach, which could take up to four years.

And again, all those carnival rides like the Zephyr will not be returning—just the beach.

If you want information on how to donate to the sand campaign, you can find that here.

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