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FilmWorks Movie Production Studio in New Orleans East is Closing

Could Hollywood South become extinct?

The FilmWorks production studio in New Orleans East is closing after being open for less than two years.

The studio's founder, George Steiner, is blaming the closure on Louisiana's dwindling film tax credit program, which might be driving away other productions.

The 37-acre site "offered a 20,000-square-foot stage, a 406,000-square-foot backlot, two floors of 92,000 square feet of workspace, storage and greenspace."

Deep South Studios, the $63.5 million mega-movie production campus proposed for Algiers, is in the works, although there haven't been any updates on it since it got City Council's approval last December. Second Line Stages, where much of Scream Queens was shot when it filed here, seems to still be going strong.

FilmWorks is closing March 31. With tax credits drying up, it'll be interesting to see if the other studios suffer.

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