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Mid-City, Parkview Neighborhoods Could Become City's Next Historic Districts

City Council will make the ultimate decision

A committee voted this week to grant both the Mid-City and Parkview neighborhoods official historic designation under the Historic District Landmarks Commission.

The study committee designated by the city voted Monday to separate the boundaries of the two neighborhoods, giving HDLC partial control over both. If the City Council ultimately approves the recommendations, the HDLC would have control over new construction and demolitions in Mid-City, but only demolitions in the Parkview area.

The city also plans to dismantle the Neighborhood Conservation District Advisory Committee, which property owners currently have to seek permission from to demolish homes in most areas in New Orleans. With that group gone, only property owners in historic districts would be required to seek special permission to demolish a house.

The recommendation still needs to go to the City Planning Commission, who will hold two public hearings on the proposed districts and will ultimately make a recommendation to City Council.

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