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The Controversial Moxy Hotel Got City Council Approval

City Council voted 6-0 in favor of the hotel

The proposed Moxy Hotel's perseverance finally paid off. The hotel, the second planned outpost of Marriott's brand for millennial travelers, got City Council's approval today.

The project never really got the neighbors and other city entities on board. The HDLC gave the hotel conceptual approval, recommending that the project's upper floors be set back 20 feet from the entrance facade. The hotel's developers, however, appealed that recommendation to the City Council, saying a 9-foot setback is more feasible.

The Council voted to approve the project 6-0, allowing for the shallower set-back. The council is allowed to amend the HDLC's decisions, which can't be great news to the neighborhood groups opposed to the project.

Another Moxy hotel is slated to open in the same neighborhood in April, as part of a whole lot of hotel projects on the way.

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