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Attorney General’s Office Agents Raided the Mid-City Home of the Holt Cemetery Bone Collector

The self-described witch has since moved to Florida

Remember the New Orleans witch who uses bones found at Holt Cemetery for "curse work" and "general spells" and wrote about it on Facebook, causing a swell of Internet outrage that some referred to as Boneghazi? It turns out all the attention lead to a raid at the bone collector's Mid-City home.

Agents from the state Attorney General’s Office raided the home of Ender Darling (real name: Devon Marie Machuca), the self-described witch who originally wrote the Facebook post, and recovered "at least 11 bones and four teeth." So far, though, Darling—who uses gender-neutral pronouns—and their roommates have only received summonses for marijuana possession.

The Facebook post and ensuing hubbub lead to a Attorney General’s Office investigation that involved surveillance of Darling's Mid-City home and subpoenaing Facebook correspondence.

Darling has since moved to Florida and has this perfect sorry-not-sorry message for all you muggles:

"I’m sorry I care more than you care about your dead," the witch added.

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Holt Cemetery

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