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The Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Could Be Sold or Auctioned Soon

The city and a City Council board are playing hot potato

Six Flags New Orleans, which was left to deteriorate after Hurricane Katrina, but has served as a filming location and mecca for those wanting to poke around New Orleans' creepiest abandoned properties, is caught up in a game of development "not it!"

The city and City Council's Industrial Development Board, currently the title holders of the property, are sparring over what to do with this abandoned park, which is being "overtaken by nature."

Mayor Mitch Landrieu refuses to honor an agreement drafted in 2009, under Ray Nagin's administration, that requires the city to maintain the park in exchange for the Industrial Development Board holding the title to it.

The IDB, more in the business of doling out tax credits and not so much property management, would like the city to honor that agreement—which was never completed before Nagin left office—to maintain the park.

The board has money saved from movie productions at the park that it is willing to donate to the city if it agrees to maintain it.

But, the city is holding strong: "At this time, the City does not have the resources to assume responsibility for this property from the IDB," a statement from the mayor's office issued this week says.

If nothing happens, the IDB may try to sell or auction the property soon; board members have "agreed to consider appraising the land in preparation for a sale at the board's April meeting."

That seems like the best way to finally end this never-ending development carousel.

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