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City Planning Commission OK's Nick's Original Big Train Bar 2.0—Minus the Drive-Through

Also, Taco Bell hits a roadblock

The plan to bring back the legendary Tulane Avenue watering hole Nick's Original Big Train Bar got enthusiastic approval at yesterday's City Planning Commission meeting. However, the commission opposed the part of the plan that called for a drive-through coffee shop.

The commission said the plan meets all criteria for a bar, but the lot is too small for a drive-through.

The family that owns the bar wanted to include a drive-through coffee shop—all the rage in Mid-City right now—to serve all those sleepy medical professionals at the nearby University Medical Center.

In other drive-through/Mid-City/City Planning Commission news: Mid-City Messenger also reports that the Taco Bell planned for N. Broad Street was brought up, and the director of Safety and Permits broke the news that the site is ineligible for a drive-through.

The project's attorney, Justin Schmidt, said they plan to appeal that decision to the Board of Zoning Adjustments, but this is good news for the many people who aren't too thrilled about the Taco Bell.

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