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'Scream Queens,' Which Filmed Season 1 in New Orleans, is Moving Production to California

Whatever, we're over it

The Fox horror-comedy Scream Queens, which shot its first season in and around New Orleans, is leaving us for California because their tax credits are better or whatever.

Burgeoning filmmaking destination California recently expanded its film and TV tax credit program, and Scream Queens is one of the nine productions selected to receive a total of $37.6 million in tax credits. The program convinced five other productions to relocate to California, so we get it. Just do something because everyone else is doing it, that's fine.

American Horror Story was also among the shows selected for the program, but we totally got over that when it left us before season 5.

We had some fun, Scream Queens, didn't we? Cavorting around Tulane's campus or in an insane Old Metairie mansion. But whatever, you have to go to L.A. to chase your dreams. We'll be fine. Our tax credits are totally hot and will snag another cool TV show before too long.

Eh, maybe not.

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