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Should the Andrew Jackson Statue in Jackson Square Come Down, Too?

Andrew Jackson was a slave owner, among other things

Four Confederate monuments around New Orleans are coming down—that is, if we can get someone to actually do the job—but at least one person thinks that isn't enough.

In an attempt to "highlight inconsistencies with a city ordinance" calling for the removal of the monuments Richard A. Marksbury, dean of Tulane's School of Continuing Studies and Summer School, says the Andrew Jackson statue should come down, too.

The image of the statue in Jackson Square, in front of St. Louis Cathedral, is among the top most iconic, postcard worthy of New Orleans. But citing Jackson's "past as a slave owner, who was responsible for the Trail of Tears and imprisoned many people in New Orleans," Marksbury gave a presentation before a "nearly empty city council chamber" during a meeting of the New Orleans City Council's Governmental Affairs Committee yesterday arguing it should come down, too.

Marksbury says that he is presenting this more to prove a point. But is he onto something?

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