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Looking to Buy Beachfront Property? Consider This Glorious Ocean Springs Castle

It's influenced by Indian architecture

Summer's coming up, the time when most New Orleanians want to leave the sweltering city limits and rush to the nearest body of water. If you're contemplating investing in some beachfront property, consider this glorious Ocean Springs beach house, a veritable castle on the Gulf Coast.

Inspired by the Indian background of the owner, a doctor in Biloxi, the Mississippi beachfront property is certainly a fish out of water. The owner really wanted domes for the roof, says Miriam Chong, the Gardner Realtors agent listing the property, but importing the perfect ones from India was too expensive.

With terraces and window views on all sides of the property, there are beach views from every angle. The 4,402-square-foot property is made entirely of concrete, making it sturdy enough for the Gulf Coast. "It's not going anywhere," Chong says.

What's the asking price for this extravagant home? $2,000,000.

5301 Belle Fontaine Drive, Ocean Springs, Mississippi [Miriam Chong]