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Other Pitches for Six Flags New Orleans Include Bringing Back Jazzland, Selling the Park for Parts

The Industrial Development Board did not vote on any pitches today

While not as interesting as this pitch, other developers attended the Industrial Development Board's meeting today armed with ideas for what to do with Six Flags New Orleans.

The other pitches include:

• Padia Entertainment's idea to just bring back Jazzland, the New Orleans-themed park that was there before it was Six Flags. I'm not sure if any locals have fond memories of Jazz Land (I'm a local and remember the log flume ride always being broken).

• Developer Drew Ward proposed that the board "break down" the park and "sell its parts," although he wasn't offering to actually buy the park. He was just there to offer that suggestion, I guess.

The board did not vote on any proposals at the meeting, which was just an opportunity for developers to pitch.

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