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Six Flags Pitches Received 'Tepid Response' from Board, Who Decided the Park Will Be Appraised

In its current state, the park is a huge albatross

None of the pitches, not even that crazy one, for what to do with Six Flags got an enthusiastic response from the Industrial Development Board at their meeting yesterday. However, the board did decide to first have the 227-acre theme park appraised, a first step before selling or auctioning the property.

The board didn't seem too into any of the ideas on the table:

Board members gave the proposals an icy reception, questioning why the developers weren't showing they could actually finance the deals.

The park in its current state, left abandoned and overgrown, is a huge albatross, according to the board's attorney: "There were 23 arrests at the park in one weekend. That has forced the agency to hire 24-7 security patrols at a cost of $500 per day or about $13,680 per month."

Any guesses as to how much the property is worth?

Former Six Flags park in New Orleans East to be appraised []