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A City Council Vote on Short-Term Rentals Could Still Be Months Away

City Council had an "in-depth discussion"

No, City Council is not ready to approve the updated regulations on short-term rentals that are years in the making. Although the council had an "in-depth" discussion on the topic at its meeting yesterday, a final vote on the issue could be months away.

At the meeting the council did express skepticism about people renting out entire homes on Airbnb and other services, considering those rentals' impacts on affordable housing.

Mayor Landrieu's office even released a statement this week saying the City Planning Commission staff's recommendations on short-term rentals, which the CPC approved except for the part allowing people to rent out entire homes, "struck a good balance"—but said actual details would be available "in the coming weeks and months."

Who else is ready for the great short-term rental debate to be resolved?

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