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Preview the Homes on the Preservation Resource Center's Annual Shotgun Tour, Happening This Weekend

The tour highlights the Garden District

The Preservation Resource Center hosts its annual Shotgun Home Tour, a tour of private homes that shows off the charm and versatility of the New Orleans shotgun. The PRC highlights a neighborhood each year (last year it was the Irish Channel), and this year it's the Garden District. Below, preview the beautiful homes on this year's tour, and see them for yourself this weekend, April 16-17, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Find more information here.

2222 Camp St. Ted and Sandra Borgman converted the home from a double to a single, so it does not strictly adhere to the traditional shotgun floor plan. A double-sided freestanding brick fireplace serves as the partition between the front parlors. The home is filled with antiques and religious art, and there's a backyard with an outdoor kitchen and carriage house that's used as an office.

1410 Philip St. Dr. Michelle Thurmond's home is one of eight houses built in 1867 by Henry Howard that are called "Hall’s Row," "Bride’s Row," or "The Seven Sisters." The home features extensive use of reclaimed wood and other materials, plus an impressive collection of art. (If you want to see more of this home, check out's feature from this week).

2329 Coliseum St. Another of Henry Howard's "Seven Sisters," Shelley and Richard Massengale purchased the home last year. Stop at this classic-meets-contemporary home to see unique wallpaper and other custom touches.

2823 Chestnut St. The 1860s shotgun of Ken and Kathy White boasts an impressive art collection and an eclectic mix of furniture. Historic details like crown moulding and antique ceiling medallions fill the home, and Kathy, a painter, has a detached studio in the rear of the home.

1302 Eighth St. Corie and Trent Robinson’s 196-year-old double galleried house has a Caribbean look. The lime green home has many whimsical touches, including items Trent—a TV producer—acquired from productions, and a bookcase concealing a hidden doorway leading to the apartment in the back.

1220 Pleasant St. This shotgun stands out because of its bathrooms—and not just what they look like, but the sheer number of them. While most shotgun designs allow for just one or two bathrooms, Bee Fitzpatrick's home has four. Fitzpatrick's home is filled with art and objects from her extensive travels.

1324 Toledano St. Owner Doug Kleeman stuck to the original floor plan in the renovation but added contemporary touches, including interesting tile. An avid collector of art and photography, you'll see a lot of that in Kleeman's home.

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