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A New Library is in the Works For St. Bernard Avenue in the 7th Ward

The last library to reopen after the storm is coming back

The 7th Ward's branch of the New Orleans Public Library, which has remained closed since Hurricane Katrina, is poised to make a comeback. This week, the City Planning Commission voted 5-0 to recommend granting a conditional-use permit to a new library in the neighborhood.

Called the Nora Navra branch, the 7th Ward library will be the last storm-damaged library to reopen.

Construction on the new 7,960-square-foot facility, expected to cost $3 million, is slated to start in October, with the library reopening in early 2018.

The project still needs to go to City Council, who is expected to approve it.

Plans for new 7th Ward public library win planners’ approval [The Advocate]