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The New York Times Called an Uptown Corner 'Remote Yet Up-and-Coming' and Everyone is Freaking Out

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Here we go again

New York media strikes again with its descriptions of New Orleans as America's most charming Third World pile of garbage. In a small item in today's food section, The New York Times referred to the corner of Nashville Avenue and Magazine Street, the location of the restaurant Kenton's, as "a somewhat remote yet up-and-coming neighborhood west of the Garden District."

If you're not familiar with the area, this corner is in walking distance to a Whole Foods, a third-wave coffee shop/bakery with vegan fare, and a Pilates studio owned by a Romney. According to Trulia, the median home price in the area is $1.295 million. So, this part of town is neither "remote" nor "up-and-coming."

Of course, NOLA Twitter is freaking out/having a lot of fun with this.

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