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Six Flags Redevelopment Gets Pushed Back Yet Again

There was a conflict of interest with a potential appraiser

It's not like we ever had our hopes up that the latest effort to redevelop Six Flags New Orleans would happen quickly, so we're not entirely surprised that the process hit another obstacle.

Before the park would decide on any ideas for the land being pitched—like this one that includes Noah's Ark, for example—the Industrial Development Board decided it would first have the park appraised.

Well, not so fast: There's a conflict of interest with one of the bidders for the appraisal job. The lowest bidder is a company run by the former IDB president, and the board ultimately rejected the bidder for that reason.

The board said it would ask of "more details" from the other bidders, and review that information in June.

At this point, it seems like the redevelopment of Six Flags is as likely as dinosaurs coming back.

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