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Stateside, the High-End Hostel/Hotel Proposed For Bywater, Heads to City Council Thursday

Now with a smaller footprint and completed sound study

Stateside, an upscale hostel/hotel planned for Bywater, is heading to City Council this week after getting a "no" from the City Planning Commission.

Incorporating the concerns of the CPC, a spokesman says the project will head to council on Thursday with a revised proposal.

The project now has a smaller overall imprint (the approximately 48,000 square-foot project was reduced to approximately 32,000 square feet, a 33 percent reduction), and reduced height. After decreasing the size of the courtyard ahead of the City Planning Commission meeting, the courtyard was reduced even further to 5,447 square feet.

The developer also commissioned a sound study of the project which claims that at "worst-case scenario ... sound created on the property will have a negligible impact on neighbors."

Although it got the approval of its staff, the CPC rejected the "out of scale" project, siding with neighbors who believe the hostel/hotel would be a nuisance.

Besides shared and private rooms, Stateside is slated to include a pool club, washateria (which will be open to the public), a sundries shop, and a coffee shop.

Let's see if this gets the neighbors—and ultimately, City Council—on board.

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