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Bayou Boogaloo Fenced Off Bayou St. John and Everyone Was Furious

There were so many memes

Mid-City, which has a strong history of extreme space-claiming behavior ahead of big events, became the center of a social media firestorm when word got out that part of Bayou St. John had been fenced off ahead of this weekend's Bayou Boogaloo festival.

Gambit originally broke the story yesterday evening, and the outrage continued that night, with many New Orleanians overrunning the Bayou Boogaloo Facebook event page with angry comments, photos of the offending fence, calls for a boycott, and so many memes.

Last night the festival responded to the complaints with a sort of sorry-not-sorry message on the event page, saying the event organizers understand the frustration, but to remember "that what you have come to love about Bayou St. John over the last ten years is in part due to our efforts."

After that District A Councilwoman Susan Guidry, who represents the Bayou St. John area, tweeted this:

Shots fired. The memes continue.

Then, this morning, Bayou Boogaloo posted a more sincere message saying the fence is coming down.

It's another win for Facebook activism.

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