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600-Foot-Long Bioswale Planned for Coliseum Square Park

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It's among Sewerage and Water Board's "green infrastructure" projects

The Sewerage and Water Board presented its plan to install a 600-foot-long bioswale in Coliseum Square Park at a neighborhood meeting this week.

Early this year the S&WB pledged to spend $500,000 a year for five years on "green infrastructure," and this bioswale is a part of that effort. The SW&B also plans to add a "green roof" to its Lee Circle headquarters and install a rain garden in Algiers.

The neighborhood surrounding the park tends to flood during heavy rainfall, and the bioswale designed by Gaea Consultants, LLC will be a trench planted with local vegetation that filters and stores rainwater. The project would add 1,500 feet of green space to the area.

Project engineer Kyle Galloway said at the meeting that Gaea aims to finish the plan for the bioswale by August 2017, and construction could start as early as this fall.

The Lower Garden District park is currently amid a fundraising effort to restore one of its fountains, along with other projects.

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