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Mid-City Library Moving Into Curtis & Davis Designed Building on Canal Street

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The building is a city historic landmark

The future of the Mid-City branch of the New Orleans Public Library was in limbo last year after a debacle over its status as a tenant at the American Can strip. While it never was evicted, which was a possibility at one point, the library has found a new home: a modernist building on Canal Street.

The library will move into the Automotive Life Insurance Building at 4140 Canal St., designed by New Orleans midcentury architects Curtis & Davis, who designed the Superdome and many homes around town.

The building opened in 1963 and was designated a historic landmark by the New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission in 2010.

The library is slated to open in fall 2016. In other library news, the 7th Ward's public library is also making a comeback.

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