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210-Sq.Ft. Studio Apartment Available in Mid-City House

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Too small?

A unit is available in the Mid-City house that was chopped into micro-studios.

The unit is 230 square feet, and rent is $650 (that's $550 for rent plus $100 for monthly utilities, which includes internet). Units have loft bed set-ups with kitchenettes, private bathrooms, and shared amenities that include a yard and laundry.

The pictures on the listing are pretty bad, but we're thinking that's just because it must be hard to squeeze into that tiny space and get good shots.

What do you think: Is this efficient, or just way too small?

$550 / 230ft2 - LIVE WORK THRIVE Studio parking Whole Food WI FI Yard AC DECK nice !! [Craigslist]
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