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New Orleans Investment Capital Firm to Redevelop Southern Runner Building

The renovation will have an "Old Main Street feel with a modern look"

ERG Enterprises, the local investment capital firm that has its hand in several big recent New Orleans development projects, plans to redevelop the Southern Runner building on Magazine Street.

Southern Runner closed its Audubon Park-area store—which was an anchor in the local running community—in 2015 and has since reopened with new owners on Oak Street.

ERG Enterprises, which was involved in the redevelopment of the Orpheum Theatre and is currently redeveloping the Pythian building, is renovating the store to have what COO Barrett Cooper describes in a press release as an "Old Main Street feel with a modern look."

The group will search for a retailer for the space once the renovation is complete. According to the press release, the building likely dates back to the 1940s, but there's steel in the interior of the structure that the architects S. Olson LLC think could date back to the New Orleans' World Cotton Exposition of 1884.

Construction has already begun on the building.