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A City That's a Sinner With a Future

NOLA seizes the top spot as being very good at being bad.

It's Monday. You may be thinking about the revelry you roused this weekend, perhaps in a location known for just the right amount of wrong. And you're not alone. According to real estate site Trulia, living in NOLA may make committing questionably moral acts easier than any place in the country. Because NOLA ranks highest on the seven deadly sins:

  1. lust: number of adult entertainment venues (NOLA has nearly three times as many as the national rate)
  2. gluttony: Rates of obesity, binge drinking and smoking (we're above average here)
  3. greed: Number of racing and gambling venues and residents' reported charitable donations (we have twice the number of gambling establishments per household)
  4. sloth: Number of residents who have not exercised in 30 days
  5. wrath: Per capita violent crime (we're above average here, too)
  6. envy: Inequality in home prices
  7. vanity: Number of beauty and tanning salons and plastic surgery offices

This isn't the first time that the city has descended into sin. From 1897 through 1917, the red light Storyville district was known for prostitution, brothels, gambling, and speakeasies. But, hey--this area just so happens to also be the birthplace of jazz. So, you've got to be bad to get good things, right?

You have the rest of the week to work hard and atone for your transgressions--or make more. Whichever you think will make the city proud.