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Audubon Park Really Wants to Hear Your Opinion on Upcoming Development

After the scrapped plans for The Fly fell to the wayside, public opinion is welcomed early and often.

Gonk via Wikimedia Commons

The Uptown neighborhood got an uptick in attention, given the vocal public feedback received over the potential development of a soccer complex for nonprofit Carrollton Boosters in the area known as 'The Fly' at Audubon Park. Why the uproar? Because it could be interpreted as privatizing that which was intended to be public green space.

Now that the $4 million plan has been thrown to the wayside, the commission is making it a point to include the public on any projects that would siphon or otherwise repurpose significant amounts of green space.

That could include work at Woldenberg Riverfront Park, which supposed to open this year at the Audubon Louisiana Nature Center. It could also include the West Bank, where a partnership with San Diego Zoo Global is gearing up for a launch of the Alliance for Sustainable Wildlife, a project intended to replenish threatened animal populations.

The meeting tomorrow will discuss updates to the park's master plan at 6:30 p.m. at the Audubon Tea Room.