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Short-Term Rentals Must Provide Off-Street Parking in New Proposal

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Will short-term rentals just go further into the black market?

Airbnb New Orleans

Off-street parking is a rare commodity in most New Orleans neighborhoods. But among the new proposals on short-term rentals set to go before the City Planning Commission tomorrow, there is a requirement that Airbnbs and similar rentals include off-street parking.

The new rules would require at least one off-street parking space per short-term rental, plus an additional space per every two guest rooms. Even spare-room rentals (classified as "accessory" rentals in the new rules) would require a parking space.

This rule would severely cut down on the amount of short-term rentals able to operate legally in the city, which is probably the point. But would this requirement just push short-term rentals further into the black market?

The City Planning Commission discusses the proposal tomorrow. has an explainer of the new rules here.

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