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After a Full Restoration, Treme’s Carver Theater is on the Market For $5.5M

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It got an $11 million restoration in 2014

Two years after a massive restoration, the historic Carver Theater in Treme is on the market for $5.5 million.

The theater’s current owner is Dr. Eugene Oppman, an optometrist who had a medical practice at the property before Katrina, and after the storm decided to restore the building to its original use as an entertainment venue (the Carver operated from 1950 to 1980 as a movie theater for black New Orleanians). After an $11 million restoration, the Carver opened in April 2014 and began hosting concerts and other performances.

Oppman is now selling the property. "The restoration of the Carver has been the singular passion for almost 10 years of the owner of the property ... [Oppman] has now finished what he set out to do, and felt that this was a good time to pass the torch, and let someone else operate and improve upon the property," said Richard Stone, Senior Sales and Leasing Associate at Latter & Blum, who is listing the theater. "We don't expect any change in programming when the building is transitioned to a new owner."

The $5.5 million asking price includes 2101, -19, and -21 Orleans Ave., comprising the main Carver Theater building; 2125 Orleans Ave.; 2130 Orleans Ave.; 2036, 2118, 2126, 2128, 2134, and 2200 St. Ann Street and 2035 and 2209 Orleans Ave.

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