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A Central City Cottage, French Quarter Townhouse, Bywater Side Hall, or Uptown Midcentury Mansion? Pick the Home of the Week

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We featured a variety of homes on the market this week, including a compact cottage in Central City, a secluded French Quarter townhouse, a Bywater side hall, and a midcentury mansion of debatable beauty. Which one was your favorite? Take another look at the homes, and vote in the poll below.

↑ Renovated in 2013, this side hall cottage in the Faubourg Livaudais area of Central City is cute—but not cramped—at 907 square feet. The home’s 11-foot ceilings and a cute back patio provide some breathing room. It’s asking $250,000.

↑ Over in Bywater, this Victorian side hall has classic architectural features and a custom Murphy bed that adds versatility to one room. The asking price is $499,000.

↑ This private respite in the Quarter boasts high ceilings, wood floors, beautiful mantels, and a tropical courtyard. It’s asking $1.475 million.

↑ While I think this Earl Mathes-designed midcentury home on St. Charles Avenue is pretty cool, one commenter said it resembles a "community center." The asking price is $1.175 million.