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Tulane Avenue's Capri Motel May Be Demolished Soon

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The building was last on the market for $3.3 million

The Capri Motel, the low-rent hotel on Tulane Avenue that is a magnet for sex workers and drug dealers, may be demolished soon.

A demolition application with the city was filed Wednesday for the building, and the city’s Department of Safety and Permits would need to grant the owner permission to demolish.

The building was on the market for $3.2 million in 2013 and although "national fast food and retail chains" expressed interest, the Capri Motel remained as is. It went on the market again this year for $3.3 million.

There has been a lot of interest in revitalizing Tulane Avenue. Earlier this year, a new neighborhood group encompassing the area formed, and another hotel on the street got approved for demolition.

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