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Price Down on Artfully Renovated LGD Home, Now Asking $699.5K

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The front yard is much better now, in case you were wondering

After hitting the market at the end of May, asking $765,000, this Lower Garden District fixer-upper that was a labor of love of artist Matteo Neivert got a price cut. It’s now asking $699,500.

The photos from Curbed’s original feature, which coincided with the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, on the renovation show a chain-link fence and a sparse front yard, drawing a lot of comments from readers. Neivert reached out to say he has since added a "historically accurate iron fence" as well as a growing garden to the home’s front yard. The backyard of the home also continues to flourish.

1922 Constance St. [Realtor]

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