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What Are The Most Ridiculous Failed or Stalled Developments in New Orleans?

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We all know them: Those ambitious projects whose developers present unrealistic renderings (Biowalls everywhere!) through all the required public hearings, dazzling civil servants and enraging neighborhood groups in the process. But those projects never seem to materialize.

Like many cities, New Orleans has had many big development projects that have failed, or have been severely stalled, due to dwindling budgets, bureaucracy, litigation, neighborhood outrage, or a combination of all of those things.

Some recent examples include the long-stalled World Trade Center redevelopment, currently mired in litigation, or the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans, which is forever in development limbo but has nonetheless inspired ambitious developers to imagine hilarious uses for the space.

Another failed development from further back in New Orleans is the Trump Tower that never was.

Let’s discuss New Orleans’ most ridiculous failed or stalled developments. Which ones are/were you rooting for? Which ones do you love to hate? Which ones in development limbo frustrate you the most? Are there any developments you can remember with ambitious plans that ended up quite different than the dreams of the renderings?

Are you curious about the status of any ambitious developments? I am personally curious about the state of Joshua Bruno’s massive Granaio Lofts, poised to be the most expensive rentals in New Orleans. After a lot of push-back the project got City Council approval a year ago, but it’s been crickets ever since.

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