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Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center Speaks Out Against Short-Term Rentals

The group joins another affordable housing organization in opposition

In another strike against proponents of short-term rentals, the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center has spoken out against whole homes available for rent on Airbnb and similar services.

It has been mostly "wealthier, mostly white neighborhood associations" that have voiced opposition against short-term rentals, so having an organization representing low-income residents on board is a coup for the anti-STR movement.

Earlier this month another affordable housing group, the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance, also condemned whole homes being used as short-term rentals.

In the statement, the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center said:

"While our clients rarely mention short-term rentals and have yet to generally characterize short-term rentals as an existential threat to the city, (the Action Center) recognizes that without action, short-term rentals will surely exacerbate the housing affordability crisis that existed prior to their proliferation in the New Orleans area."

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