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Should Tulane Avenue's Capri Motel Be Saved?

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Midcentury landmark or nuisance?

We posted about a recent demolition application for the Capri Motel, a low-rent hotel on Tulane Avenue that has become a magnet for some seedy activity.

This news garnered a strong reaction on Facebook, where many readers think the midcentury hotel should be saved and renovated for another use.

Reader Natalie Juneau commented:

Why does the city do nothing to protect its midcentury landmarks? This style of architecture - these midcentury motels - are such an intangible part of the American landscape and New Orleans is doing NOTHING to protect them cuz they don't fit the gumbo ya-ya tourism "brand" of the city. Who can I thank for making New Orleans more Desitively Houston-roo about this? Have they never heard of a little town with a lot of money and tourism called Palm Springs?

... With a little vision the Capri could easily be renovated into apartments or studios that are very beautiful and desirable, and for far less money than demolition and new construction would cost.

She also include a postcard depicting the motel when it opened.

Another reader called dibs on the motel's iconic sign, and we don't blame him.

What do you think: Should the city keep the motel and turn into something cool, or demolish the place?

Tulane Avenue's Capri Motel May Be Demolished Soon [Curbed NOLA]