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Whole-Home Short-Term Rentals Are Back on the Table in New Proposal

The City Planning Commission takes up this issue next Tuesday

Way back in January, the City Planning Commission took up a series of recommendations from its staff on what it should do with the never-ending issue of short-term rentals. They approved the recommendations, except for one item that would allow whole-home rentals in residential zones for more than 30 days of the year.

But now, the planning staff is attempting to overrule the planning commission with a new set of recommendations that puts these whole-home rentals back into play.

Among the four types of rentals the staff is proposing to legalize, "principal rentals," which would allow for the rental of whole homes in residential neighborhoods, is on there. However, there would be limitations on how many of these rentals can be located in a specific area.

Other whole-home rentals that would be allowed include "temporary rentals," whole units rented for a limited amount of time each year, and "commercial rentals," whole homes in nonresidential areas able to be rented year-round.

State hotel taxes were extended to include short-term rentals earlier this year, and obviously these whole-home rentals would bring in the most money.

The Planning Commission can amends these recommendations next Tuesday when it takes up the ordinances recommended in the report, and it goes to City Council next.

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