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The ‘Freret Jet’ is Coming Back to Canal Street in September

The line was truncated when the Loyola streetcar opened

After being truncated to accommodate a streetcar line, RTA’s "Freret Jet" will be returning to full service in September.

When the Loyola streetcar line opened in 2013, the RTA cut off part of the Freret Jet bus line—which formerly traveled through Uptown New Orleans to Canal Street—to stop at the Union Passenger Terminal, where riders could transfer to the Loyola streetcar if they wanted to continue on. Critics said this change was prioritizing streetcars for tourists instead of restoring bus lines for residents.

The new route will bypass Loyola, travel down O’Keefe Avenue to Canal, then go back up Baronne Street to reconnect with Freret in Central City.

Recently, the RTA expanded many of its bus lines to include more 24-hour routes and an airport express shuttle.