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New Lawsuit Says if Confederate Monuments Come Down, Andrew Jackson Should Come Down, Too

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The second lawsuit attempting to block the monuments' removal

A new lawsuit is attempting to stall efforts to remove New Orleans’ four Confederate monuments, this one claiming that if the other monuments come down, the city’s iconic Andrew Jackson statue needs to go, too.

If you feel like you’ve heard this before, it’s because Richard Marksbury, the Tulane School of Continuing Studies dean who originally made this argument, is behind the lawsuit.

He’s not doing this because he wants Andrew Jackson to come down, though: By arguing this statue meets all the others’ criteria in justifying their removal, this puts the city in a position to "either have to remove a statue that’s deeply identified with New Orleans or else agree to leave all the monuments standing."

A federal lawsuit blocking the monuments’ removal—which City Council voted in favor of in December—is currently playing out.