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Palmisano Group Seeks Tax Break For $10M Eskew+Dumez+Ripple-Designed Headquarters

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New Orleans Industrial Development Board gave its preliminary approval

The Eskew+Dumez+Ripple-designed mixed-use building planned for Tchoupitoulas Street near the river? It’s going to be the headquarters of contractors Palmisano Group, and they’re seeking a tax break for the $10 million project.

The group petitioned the New Orleans Industrial Development Board at its meeting on Tuesday for the tax breaks, and the board gave its preliminary approval (the board voted 6-0, but not enough members were in attendance to reach quorum).

The company said it would be cheaper to move its headquarters to Jefferson Parish, but hoped the board would approve a property tax break so it could keep headquarters in Orleans.

Palmisano bought the future site of the building, a vacant land at 1730 Tchoupitoulas St., for $1.5 million. The three-story building will include offices, ground-floor retail, and an upper-floor terrace.