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Pokemon Go Players to New Orleans City Park Motorists: Slow Down

New Orleanians are catching Pokemon, even in the heat

Pokemon Go must be really popular, as it has reportedly lured dozens of users to City Park amid New Orleans’ hellish summer climate. On the Pokemon Go subreddit for New Orleans, one user has a request for City Park’s nighttime motorists: "slow the f—- down."

Galaxyhiker42 says:

Seriously. There are 100s of kids all wandering around with their nose to their phone. You should not be going more than 10mph through this entire area near the gardens, morning call etc.

I've seen multiple people gassing it through the park and almost hitting people.

Other cities’ police departments have released safety precautions regarding the game, but NOPD hasn’t released anything—curious, considering that New Orleans players face more than the usual Pokemon Go perils, especially in the summer (potholes, high crime, threat of heat stroke, etc.). But I suppose much of that is common sense.

The good part of my Monday... Psy ay ayy! #Psyduck #Magikarp #smooshnails #flowers

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