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City Council Gives Demolition Clearance For St. Charles Avenue Moxy Hotel

The decision overrides the CBD Historic District Landmarks Commission

Since proposing the hotel two years ago, the developers of a Moxy Hotel outpost planned for St. Charles Avenue (near another Moxy Hotel, which is managed by a different group) have dealt with pushback from neighbors and city groups. But it’s been smoother sailing since the City Council finally approved the hotel in March, and this week the council paved the way for construction to start.

Yesterday, City Council voted to override the denial of a demolition permit by the CBD Historic District Landmarks Commission. The council approved the project in March under the condition that developers Barry and Lorraine Dinvaut would continue to tweak the design with neighbors. Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell said she believes the developers have spent enough time working with neighbors on the design since proposing the hotel.