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Sidney Torres is Returning to the Trash Business With IV Waste

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Focusing on private trash pick-up for restaurants, hotels and other area businesses, the business is launching in the metro area in August

Although he’s more focused on the real estate game these days, Sidney Torres’ claim to fame was the waste management service he started following Hurricane Katrina—earning him the nickname "Trashanova." But now it looks like Torres is back in the garbage business: This week he announced IV Waste, a new garbage pickup venture.

Planning to focus on "private trash pick-up for restaurants, hotels and other area businesses," IV Waste is launching in the New Orleans metro area in August.

Torres says he wasn’t planning to return to the trash life after he sold his signature waste pickup business, SDT Waste & Debris Services. But because he’s Batman, he just couldn’t help himself:

Torres started getting calls from former customers unhappy with their trash service when he returned to New Orleans. He found himself stopping his car to pick up trash or survey battered and overflowing trash bins.

"I'm the type of person who when I take on something, it engulfs me," Torres said.