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Possible Human Jaw Bone Found at Carrollton Construction Site

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The object is being investigated by the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office

You can find all sorts of weird stuff when digging up a lot, but this sure is creepy: Uptown Messenger reports that a construction worker discovered what might be a human jaw bone at a construction site in Carrollton.

While digging under a newly built home in the area, a construction worker found a "sealed box with a velvet bag containing what appeared to be a human jaw bone." Velvet, one of the most macabre fabrics, seems like a likely vessel for human bones, so this makes sense.

Investigators from the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office took the object to be tested by an anthropologist to determine if it is, in fact, human. But just to be safe, the future homeowners might want to get a Voodoo practitioner out there to do some cleansing.