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Louisiana’s Generous Solar Energy Tax Credit Program is No More

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The program was too generous to sustain itself

Louisiana residents who plan to purchase solar panels anytime soon: You’re not going to get any tax credits for that. reports that the state credits that have helped make solar panels more affordable are no longer available.

A news release from the Louisiana Department of Revenue this week broke the news:

"Consumers purchasing residential solar energy systems from this point forward should not expect to receive tax credits from the state."

Last year, lawmakers capped the credits for the generous program—it covered up to 50 percent of the first $25,000 spent to install a rooftop solar system, which could be combined with a 30 percent federal solar tax credit—at $25 million through December 2017.

But now, the credits already awarded and ones under review already exceed the available funds by $14 million, so the program is ending even earlier.