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Bywater Police Stables, Marigny Apartment Building Being Redeveloped

The stables will be leased to a retail tenant; the eight-plex is becoming condos

The long-vacant former NOPD horse stables in Bywater and an old eight-unit apartment building in Marigny are being redeveloped right now.

Developers Kevin Davis and Blayne Bondy—both from New Orleans, although Davis is now based in New York—own the two properties and are currently redeveloping them, the stables to lease to a retail tenant and the eight-plex into four condos.

The pair picked up the stables at 1000 Poland Ave. in a city auction in 2013. However, the developers did not close on the property until 2015, and the city is still listed as the owner on the Orleans Parish Assessor’s database; this is delaying the permitting process. Davis says, though, that the pair is "pretty close" to getting approval from the state and National Park Service to obtain historic tax credits.

The property is currently on the market for lease, although Davis says a "restaurant event concept" is interested. Renderings show the eventual renovation making use of the massive barn doors and alley that abuts the Stallings Center lot.

Further along in the renovation process is a former eight-unit apartment building on 1030 Port St., behind Hank’s Super Market at the corner of St. Claude Avenue, that is being converted into contemporary condos. A church before becoming an eight-plex, the building had sat vacant since Hurricane Katrina. Davis and Bondy bought the property in 2014.

Architects Metro Studio, trying to make the most out of the 1960s structure, gave the building a midcentury modern-inspired look. The four units are 1,250 square-feet each with two bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, private yards, and off-street parking spaces. The units are slated to hit the market in the next few weeks, with asking prices starting "in the high 300s."